Rates & Reservations

Gardiner | Montana North Entrance to YNP

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Rafting - Yellowstone River

Half-Day Paradise$44$336-12
Full-Day Paradise (lunch included)$84$646-12
Western Scenic$44$335-12
Half-Day Small Boat$63$525-12
Full-Day Small Boat$105$856-12
Inflatable Kayak$70-$135n/a9-12

Zip Line Tours  -

Yellowstone EcoTour Zipline$62$515-12
Yellowstone EcoTour Zip and Dip (RAFT AND ZIP)$87$776-12
Yellowstone EcoTour Zip and Saddle $102$965-12
Yellowstone Exclusive EcoTour Zipline$550n/a5-12

Horseback & Raft

Yellowstone River Paddle & Saddle $92$826-12
Yellowstone River Sunset Saddle Paddle $82$726-12

Kayak Lessons - Inflatables and Sit-on-tops, Ages 13+

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Big Sky | Bozeman | Montana West Entrance to YNP

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Rafting - Gallatin River

Half-Day More Challenging$63.50$51.506-12
Half-Day Less Challenging$63.50$51.506-12
Half-Day Scenic$63.50$51.506-12
Full-Day (lunch included)$100.50$80.506-12
Dinner Trip (minimum 10)$77.50$67.506-12
Half Day Exclusive 2-3 person mini raft - Less Challenging$107.50n/a8-12
Half Day Exclusive 2-3 person mini raft - More Challenging$107.50n/a13+
Overnight Trip $225$1656-12
Inflatable Kayaksee belown/an/a

Rafting - Madison River

Full-Day Bear Trap (lunch included)$127$1278-12

Zip Line Tours -

Gallatin Canyon Classic Zip Line Tour$62$515-12
Gallatin Canyon Super Zip Line Tour$90$808-12
Gallatin Canyon Exclusive Classic Zip$550N/A5-12
Gallatin Canyon Exclusive Super Zip$750N/A8-12

Fly-Fishing Tours -

Learn to Fly Fish$66$565-12
Learn and Guide$170$1508-12
Half Day Guide min 2 max 3$140n/a8-12
Full Day Guide min 2 max 3$220n/a8-12
Full Day Float and Fish, Madison/Yellowstone 1-2 anglers$495n/a8-12
Bear Trap Madison River Full Day One Boat$700n/a8-12
Bear Trap Madison River Full Day Two Boats$1350n/a8-12

Combo: Zip Line • Fly-Fish • Raft • Horseback Tours

Classic Zip and Dip - Zipline and Raft$105.50$93.506-12
Super Zip and Dip - Super Zip Line and Raft$132.50$122.508-12
Classic Zip Line and Full Day Raft$146.50$126.506-12
Paddle Saddle - Horseback Ride and Raft$150$1408-12
Fly Fishing Lesson + Raft Trip (Cast and Raft)$110.50$98.506-12
Fly Fishing Lesson and Horseback Ride$159$1488-12
Horseback Ride + Classic Zip Line Tour$152$1428-12
Horseback Ride + Super Zip Line Tour$180$1708-12
Zip and Fish$110$1005-12
Super Zip and Fish$138$1288-12

3 Activity Combos: Zip Line • Fly-Fish • Raft • Horseback Tours

Zip, Raft and Fish (add $28 for Super Zip)$164.50$147.506-12
Zip, Raft and Horseback Ride (add $28 for Super Zip)$202.50$190.508-12
Zip, Fish and Horseback Ride (add $28 for Super Zip)$207.00$1958-12
Raft, Fish and Horseback Ride$198.50$188.508-12
4 Activity Combos: Zip Line • Fly-Fish • Raft • Horseback Tours
Zip, Raft, Fish and Horseback Ride (add $28 for Super Zip)$257.50$238.508-12

Madison River Tubing -

Tube Trip and Shuttle$25$253-12

Kayak & Canoe Lessons - Inflatables and Sit-on-tops. Ages 15+

Rates1 person2 peopleMore Info
Half-day$155$85/person 15+

Gallatin Gear Rentals

ItemDayAdditional Day
Wetsuit, Booties & Helmet$12$10
Splash Top$6$4