Inflatable Kayaks

At Montana Whitewater, we pride ourselves on providing quality instruction with our specialized, experienced, and personable guides.  By keeping our trip sizes small, our guides are able to give each person a more individual lesson. We welcome newcomers to the sport and progress at rates that match your ability. These trips also cover topics such as safety, equipment, paddling skills, and basic river dynamics.

Heavy Truck Accident near "Screaming Left Rapid" on the Gallatin River, approx. mile marker 60.


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Inflatable Kayaking near Yellowstone Park

We proudly run inflatable kayaking trips on the Gallatin and Yellowstone Rivers, whose headwaters are both located in Yellowstone National Park. They are amongst the most beautiful and pristine rivers in the lower 48.


The Yellowstone is a wide, deep river with a large volume of water flowing through it.  Even during the low water months, which typically occur in August, the Yellowstone will provide you with great splashes and waves.

We start our Inflatable Kayak trips north of the National Park border in Gardiner, Montana.  We put in north of the “Town Stretch”, from there you will float through the wild and rolling waves of the Yellowstone.

The Yellowstone is a phenomenal river for both first time rafters and families looking for a bigger thrill alike. The historic Yellowstone River also provides a potential opportunity to view wildlife


The Gallatin River Inflatable Kayak trip is a classic whitewater run that features some class II-II rapids. It’s a continuous flowing river with rapids that increase in intensity as you float downstream.  At low water you will be faced with lots of technical maneuvering, and fast decision making at high water.

This trip offers some of the most scenic views on the Gallatin River. After all, scenes from the American classic “A River Runs Through It” was filmed here!


Gallatin River Inflatable Kayaks

  • Starting at $115.00

  • Ages 


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Get out on the water and paddle a one person inflatable kayak. Learn the basic skills from a guide and then try it out for yourself.

Yellowstone River Inflatable Kayaks

  • Adult: $90

  • Ages 


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Paddle your own inflatable kayak on this guided river trip. This is a great option for people seeking a challenging experience, especially in lower water. $90.00 per person with a minimum of 4 people to run the trip.