Environmental Ethics


It is important for us to develop new and innovative ways to save energy and be careful about what we consume as a business. We are well aware that our stewardship of the natural environment is directly related to the success of our business and the health of our community.

Of course, we have tried our best to do better when it comes to taking care of our recyclables – even though we are based in areas where we are not privileged to have curbside recycling services. That’s the easy part. We reuse paper whenever possible and stock our office with recycled paper. We always try to make the best choices when it comes to stuff we have to buy. Of course, our brochure is printed on recycled paper. That’s a no-brainer!

We are also concerned about energy use – as most of our power in Montana is hydro-electric, we are looking forward to weaning ourselves off the grid. Since Gardiner is so baking hot and sunny in the summer, we are looking at installing solar panels on our staff housing to take care of staff energy uses. If it goes well, we look forward to getting more of ’em!

Currently, we get all our full day food and office grab and go options at a locally owned company. We are very excited to learn about opportunities to buy locally sourced meats directly from local farmers – yum!

Of course, one of our concerns is gas consumption in our vehicles. We keep our vans and buses in top condition – always looking to upgrade to better fuel efficiency. When alternative fuels become feasible, we look forward to getting with that program!

In general, we are concerned about the environmental quality of our area and are involved with local environmental organizations to combat pollution and abuse of our rivers and their tributaries. It’s an ongoing process!