Why choose MWW?


Connect to one another, not the Wi-fi.

Our society has become so dependent on digital and mobile devices that we often times don’t realize just how strong this dependence is. Abandoning these gadgets for one full day, night (or more!), for a day out in nature is surprisingly rejuvenating for both your mental and emotional well-being. We are group of people who believe in world betterment through outdoor recreation, and it is a privilege that we are honored to share with you.


Location – Location – Location!!! After your rafting trip on the Gallatin, you will be back to your dry clothes and the warmth of our office in mere minutes. No riding in a bus for 20+ minutes soaking wet and freezing!


We want our customers to enjoy our facilities as well as have a genuine Montana experience. We love bright colors, locally known artists, murals  and photos of our current and past adventures and funky decor, which can be seen at each of our locations.


Although it goes without saying, most companies believe they have the best staff. We work tirelessly to acquire talented and capable characters to come work for us and invest time into training each of them to meet the standard of MWW on and off the trip.  As a company, we think of our team members as part of the family. Whether it is out on the river on a fun run, having a party after work, cooking hotdogs up for lunch, going bowling or throwing axes, or getting together to go skiing during the winter season, we all share the same passions of adventure and would love to share them with you!