You will definitely want to dress for the weather. Bring a windbreaker or raincoat as the weather in Montana has a habit of changing every five minutes.


NO open toed shoes. We recommend tennis shoes or hiking boots.


You will be required to wear our helmets, but a ball cap can fit underneath if you would like to wear one.



If your sunglasses are tight fitting, they are good to go. If they are loose or expensive we recommend eyeglass retainers such as chums or croakies, or you can leave them behind all together.


No dangling jewelry of any kind is allowed to be word while zipping.


Long hair must be pulled back.


As far as casual attire goes, we recommend not wearing short-shorts as you will be wearing a full body harness that does not cater nicely to such, and sweat pants, in the overall scheme of things, do not look great in photos.

To Bring:

If you would like to bring a camera, phone or go pro you are more than welcome to. The cameras and phones will need to be in a zip pocket or in a carrying bag that will not interfere with the harness. Go Pros – We do have a few helmets with Go Pro mounts, although they are first come first serve on a daily basis. Otherwise we recommend you bring a chest strap for use.