How long are the rafting trips?

We run half day trips (about 3 hours) and full day trips (about 6+ hours). These “door to door” times include shuttle to and from the river back to our office.

What is your season like?

May can be beautiful but it can also be snowy or cold. It has varying water levels, as the water is coming up at this time of year. June brings full on high water and warm sunny days, with chilly nights. July is usually always sunny and warm, and water levels begin to drop. August starts getting a little chilly at night, with lower water. The weather in September can be spectacular but with low water.

Why would I want to go rafting with MWW?

Montana Whitewater offers personalized service and a spirit of fun. In addition to basic certifications, guides spend the pre-season training in order to refine river rescue skills and solidify the team. Our mission is to provide you with a high quality trip. We run a raft company because the service we provide is truly beneficial and we love having a good time with our clients!

Can I bring my 3 year old rafting?

We take kids ages 6 and up on the Yellowstone River and on the Gallatin River. Young kids can really enjoy rafting or they can hate it and never want to go near a river again. Make sure your young child really wants to go. If a kid can’t put on his own booties, they might need serious help enjoying a river trip! If you would like an activity for a 3 year old, check out our tubing shop. We take kids ages 3+ on our tube trips on the Madison River.


What is the difference between the Gallatin and the Yellowstone Rivers?

The Gallatin River is a rocky, mountain whitewater river which make it a technical raft ride. It runs north through a canyon surrounded by lodge pole pine forest and rock outcroppings along Highway 191 between Big Sky and Gallatin Gateway. The Gallatin runs class IV+ at high water and class III during July and August.

The Yellowstone River is a high volume river that runs through a wide valley with rolling wave rapids. Our Yellowstone River trip starts in Gardiner where the river flows north along Highway 89. We recommend the Yellowstone for anyone who is a first time rafter or a little nervous about rafting. It’s fun but not scary!

Can my group go together in one boat?

On the Gallatin River, we put up to six people in a boat, sometimes seven with kids. On the Yellowstone River, our boats are bigger and we put up to ten people plus (more dependent on comfort level of families to squeeze together)  in a single boat. We try to run smaller crews for a bigger ride.

Can I bring my Grandparents?

Only if they want to come! We have taken people of all ages and ability.

How accessible are your trips?

Only if they want to come! We have experience with MS, amputees and other special needs. We do our best to accommodate everyone, but our biggest priority is safety.

What are booties?

Booties are neoprene and rubber ankle-boots that keep your feet warm. We are the only company around that doesn’t charge extra for booties and wetsuits and all the warm layers required. You can also wear sneakers or tennis shoes when the weather is warm.


Where should I stay?

Stay in Bozeman, Gardiner, Big Sky or West Yellowstone… Here are some suggestions…

What kind of lunch is served on the Full Day?

We partner with a local business that provides a choice of sandwich boxes. Fill up on ham, turkey, PB&J, or veggie sandwiches. Chow down on chips, cookies and lemonade! We won’t stop you! We are sensitive and accommodating to dietary restrictions- just let us know.

What do I wear?

Ladies, don’t forget your lipstick! If you want to look and feel good on the river, wear light, quick dry clothing. We give you helmets, PFD’s, splash gear and/or wetsuits and booties. With all the gear on, some people look like super heroes and some people look like major dorks- it’s all in the way you carry yourself. Bring something warm and dry to change in to after the trip.

What should I bring?

You can bring a waterproof camera, sunscreen and whatever else you may need. You can bring your own dry-bag or use your guide’s. Sunglasses are good to have on the water and we sell Croakies and Chums (those stylish things that hold them on your head)

How do I make a reservation?

You fill out our on-line form or call us, or both!

Photos and Video?

Photos are available for purchase on all trips June-August!