Montana Whitewater, or affectionately known as “Mdub-dub” is of course, more than just a rafting company. We are group of people who believe in world betterment through whitewater rafting. Boating is a privilege that we are honored to share with you.

In these uncertain times, it is so important to share quality experiences with friends and family. Being active in nature as a family makes for an incredible experience that can enrich our relationships and build our confidence.



Life is so busy and demanding as we try to raise our families and grow together. We can forget how important we are to each other, we let years slip by sometimes, without really connecting deeply and sharing that love we have together.

Rafting is a very special activity because it is something that families can all do together, regardless of ability or agility. They get dressed up all the same and take their places in the boat, with a paddle – and play a part to get the boat where it needs to be as the guide gives commands to negotiate rapids. It is bonding for families, couples, corporate groups and church groups.

We want to connect with our families every day, but we are tired and annoyed and over worked. We are either planning for the future or obsessing about the past. Without the understanding to be in the moment and appreciate our lives, we are unaware of all the value that surrounds us. Come on a raft trip with us and we will show you a day of the present moment. You will free yourself of the crap that you have been absorbing and show you the beauty of not only our spectacular area, but of yourself and your gorgeous aura.


The opportunity to share the magic of being together is an honor that we take very seriously. People often wonder – what is the meaning of this life? Why do we work so hard? What is that noise in the garage? Who is that girl? We know the answers to our questions when we are feeling total joy, taken away from worries and stresses, off the hook from the society that we work so hard to be a part of. Some of us dont even know our children – we’re too busy trying to provide for them. A rafting trip gives you the energy to play with your kids and share a very rich experience.

There is something magical and healing about being in a beautiful natural setting. Tensions melt away, and tired eyes lift to the peaks, the river, the sunlight and they start to sparkle again. We start to see what is truly real and beautiful in everything.

We want you to feel the magic, the truly transformative magic of nature, the river and the togetherness of world aloha.

If you can write me an eloquent (yes, i have to make sure it really is!) tract on the power of nature in spirituality and society. 200 words., I will give you a free trip.



Thanks for reading the philosophy page – ask for the philosophy page discount – 10% off your groups trip!

We like to pretend we are rock stars and encourage people to use their paddles as air guitars. Sometimes we get a little out of control but it is always entertaining.

Our philosophy is to make ourselves happy so that we can make you happy.