Our Recommendations for What To Wear on a Whitewater Rafting Trip

Plan smart and prepare to get wet!

Your gear essentials will be a bit different depending on the time of year.  In the early season, the river temperatures are chilly even if the air temperature is warm. The rivers warm up in July and August. Here are a few suggestions for maximizing comfort on your upcoming river trip.


Layer #1: The Base Layer

You’ll want to keep warm and stay warm. Skip the cotton and the cotton blends, including your underwear. When cotton gets wet it absorbs moisture and does a poor job at regulating body temperature. We suggest wearing a bathing suit or synthetic underwear, shorts and a t-shirt

Layer #2: The Wetsuit or Drysuit

For our Montana rivers, where water temperatures are cold, a wetsuit or drysuit is highly suggested.

Layer #3: Warm Layer

Fleece gives you an extra boost of warmth.

Layer #4: Paddling Top

You’ll want to wear the splash gear over your warm, dry under-layers to protect the warmth from wind and water, even if there’s not a cloud in the sky.

Layer #5: Foot Gear

Choose footwear that will stay on your feet in dynamic water conditions. For cooler days, neoprene booties are great and in warmer weather performance sandals like Chacos or Tevas are comfortable. Flip flops won’t cut it! We recommend something that has a backstrap to keep your shoe on your foot.

Layer #6: A Helmet and a Personal Floatation Device to polish it off!

The best news is that we provide you with the wetsuit, fleece top, splash top, booties, helmet and PFD for FREE! Our gear is top of the line and washed with love after each use. Just bring a baselayer and prepare to get hooked on the adventure of whitewater rafting!


  • My cousins and I want to go on a rafting tour. I like how you mention where the water temperature is cold a wetsuit or drysuit, and a Fleece is highly suggested to keep warm. Thank you for the advice. I’ll share this information with my cousins so they don’t get cold during the rafting tour.

  • Thanks for explaining how to pick the right foot gear for the trip. My husband and I want to go whitewater rafting soon. Your advice should help us stay comfortable during the trips!

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