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Horseback Riding near Yellowstone Park

If you are looking for more of a “Western Experience”, you must check out our horseback riding referrals. While we no longer directly book trail rides for our referrals, we will offer you a discount on your activity with us if you do book with one of our recommended ranches!

Whether you’ve never been on a horse, or you’re a seasoned rider, you will greatly enjoy their trips through Big Sky Country.  Our partners offer 1-4 hour horseback trips near both of our of locations so you can create your perfect trip! Enjoy a beautiful trek through pristine Yellowstone Country, and you’ll see why Montana is known as “The Last Best Place”.


We partner with Stermitz Ranch. These Yellowstone area rides are based out of Gardiner, Montana located just outside of the North Entrance to Yellowstone National Park. From this location, you can choose trips for ages 7 and up from 1-4 hours that explore a high altitude mountain basin in Paradise Valley. The trails offer excellent opportunities for viewing wildlife and gorgeous mountain vistas. You can receive a discount on your MWW activity with proof of your ride with our new partner. Please call us to discuss this option (406)-763-4465.

Stermitz Ranch


The historic ranch we have been partnered with for years, closed prior to the 2020 season due to the hardships of 2020 and the attraction of retirement. (But we will always love you Broken Hart Ranch!) We are now using Jake’s Horses as a referral ranch, and you can still receive a discount on your MWW activities with proof of your ride with our new partner. Please call us to discuss this option (406)-763-4465.

Jake’s Horses

How to Choose the right Horseback Riding for your group

Montana Whitewater partners with awesome and knowledgable ranches outside the North and West entrances to Yellowstone National Park for horseback trail rides. We know it isn’t easy to choose, which is why we can help you narrow down your choices to pick the best trip for your group!

Deciding Factors:

Location/Convenience - Are you closer to one or another?

Unfortunately, we do not have an office inside Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone office is in Gardiner, MT- at the North Entrance of Yellowstone.

Gallatin office is 64 miles north of the West Entrance of Yellowstone – near Big Sky, MT and 30 minutes south of Bozeman, MT.

Level of Challenge - What is your groups comfort zone?

What is your groups comfort zone?

•At the Yellowstone office we work with two amazing ranches that give you beautiful views on privately owned land near the North entrance of Yellowstone. They offer horseback riding trips between 1-4 hours. These trips that are great for first timers, kids, even school groups! These trips can accommodate ages 7+. Maximum weight is generally 220-240 lbs.

•The Gallatin  has one horseback riding option, a gorgeous ride through the Gallatin National Forest.  This trip can accommodate ages 8+ with no experience necessary. Maximum weight is generally 220-240 lbs.

Scenery – What will I see around me?

•The Yellowstone trip runs through a high alpine desert valley with grand mountain views all around. On this trip you can generally expect lots of warm sun, clear air, and potential to view wildlife!

•The Gallatin office is located in a narrow, rocky canyon. It offers dramatic scenery with rock outcroppings and thick pine forests.  The mountains rise up directly along the river bank. There is potential for wildlife sightings while you ride switchbacks and cross streams through the Gallatin National Forest.

Price – What is your fun budget for this trip?

The Yellowstone is least expensive with a range of $75-300, and the Gallatin is a little more expensive.