Best Hot Springs in Montana

Whitewater to Hot Water

There is something ethereal about soaking in naturally warm and mineral rich water. Not to mention how amazing it feels after getting splashed and completely soaked on one of our rafting trips. We created a list of local favorite soak spots near our offices. Which means you can visit multiple on your trip.  For instance, you can soak in a hot spring after your trip, then more when you go to Yellowstone National Park. In addition to amazing pools, some locations offer live music, food and beverage options. Hot Springs are a classic Montana experience you just can’t miss out on. Therefore, check out the ones below!

Near Bozeman and our Big Sky Office

Bozeman Hot Springs

Perfect for couples, families, friends and everyone in between, Bozeman Hot Springs is the best place to soak in the greater Bozeman area! With a variety of 12 indoor and outdoor pools, a steam room and sauna, you’re sure to find your cozy niche.  Currently the Thursday and Sunday live music events are on hold due to the pandemic.  However if you are looking for private options for you and your group check out their venue rental options.  A great way to bring your small group together for a soak and some fresh air.  In other words, Bozeman Hot Springs can provide a unique experience for all ages! 

bozeman hot springs night time bozeman hot springs stage

Norris Hot Springs

On the other hand, tucked away in the Madison River Valley, Norris Hot Springs is a wonderfully quirky destination for Bozeman locals. Home of the famous “Water of the Gods,” Norris is the perfect place to enjoy a secluded evening. As if soaking in the cozy pool isn’t enough, being serenaded by live music Norris hosts every Friday through Sunday is sure to make your visit something special.  Due to the pandemic the live music is currently on hold.  Plus, they have food for days… the 50 Mile Snack Bar and 50 Mile Grill Menu offers eclectic local fare and beverages to accompany your soak.  Looking for a private place to kick back and hang with your friends?  Check out their private party options on Monday. & Wednesday.

norris hot springs pool and dome norris hot springs music


Near Yellowstone and our Gardiner Office

Chico Hot Springs

A longtime area classic, Chico Hot Springs, in Paradise Valley will not disappoint! With stunning views of Emigrant Peak on the drive in, Chico is an authentic Montana getaway. Whether you day trip or stay at their rustic inn, relaxing in their two outdoor pools are perfect on a chilly day. Open from 8am to 11pm, you can enjoy the sunrise, a mellow afternoon, sunset or a starry sky while snackin,’ sippin’ ‘n’ soakin.’

chico hot springs pool chico

Yellowstone Hot Springs

Just a 10 minute drive from Gardiner, Yellowstone Hot Springs- the newest hot springs in Montana- offers a gorgeous outdoor soak in the scenic Paradise Valley. Remember the hot spring you passed on your raft trip from our Gardiner Office? The unfiltered, mineral rich water will rejuvenate your skin while the views sooth your soul. 

yellowstone hot springs pool yellowstone pools aerial

Boiling River

During the 2022 flood that wrecked parts of northern Yellowstone, the Boiling River as we once knew it was destroyed. The area has since been closed to the public.

RIP ; For posterity: In Yellowstone National Park, the Boiling River is an adventure and soak all in one! Just three miles from the North entrance of the park, a hot spring swirls into the Gardner River to create a cozy pocket of warm water that’s perfect for a midday soak. You may spot some wildlife on the 0.6 mile stroll down to the river, so keep your eyes peeled! So, for a trip to Yellowstone, a walk in nature and a soak at the bank of a river, a trip to the Boiling River is a guaranteed day of adventure.

boiling river boiling river wildlife

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