“…After we returned to Texas, the kids told me that the raft trip was the best day during our week long vacation to Yellowstone. So, thanks for having a nice service and very nice, personable and charming guides. They were great. Even your dogs are nice. Thank you!”

– Mark Clauder, Arlington, TX

“My family had a great time with your guide. Thanks so much!”

– Barb, Reno

“A great experience! You’ll be sure to see us again!”

– Mimi, LA

“My family got along for the first time in years!”

– Sandy, BC

“Even though I didn’t want to go rafting at first, the people were so fun. The staff made everyone feel so welcome!”

– Kai, NYC

“The guide was just so excellent and the whole team had a circus magic that transcends anything in literature or myth”

-Bart Claussen, Bozeman

“Top Banana!”

– some people from New Zealand

“These people are wild. They make me want to be with them all the time” –

– Colie and Mike Campbell, Colorado Springs

“These people treated me like one of the Gang!”

– Tony Soprano, Joisey

“I like the sexy female guides!”

– Bill Plinton, Arkansas

“I want to make my next movie here”

– Robert Bedford, Hollywood

“I only trust Montana Whitewater for providing college educated creative types for guiding our most demanding guests”

– Lord and Lady Winston, UK